Rose Sale

Welcome and Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2019 Annual Rose Sale. This information guide provides the details for your club to participate in the sale. Over the years, our annual fundraiser has provided an easy way for Pennsylvania Kiwanis Family members to raise money for their service accounts. In addition, it allows the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation the ability to fund grants and scholarships.

Participating in the Sale

Participation in the sale is easy! Clubs should follow the timeline attached to ensure success of the sale in their local communities. In addition, Kiwanis clubs should consider involving their service leadership programs in the sale.

Note: Service Leadership clubs may participate in the sale without their sponsoring Kiwanis Club. However, Service Leadership clubs should let their sponsoring Kiwanis Club know their participation in the sale.

Details of Roses

Quality long-stemmed roses of mixed color are sold by the dozen. Each dozen includes tree fern and baby’s breath in an attractive box that is perfect for gift giving. In addition, a thank you card and rose care instructions are included. Clubs will need to assemble orders before delivery.

Rose Sale Profit

Roses are sold for $20.00 a dozen. A club will make a profit of $8.00 for each dozen sold. The remaining $12.00 should be sent to the Pennsylvania District Office. Payment must accompany orders.

Marketing Materials

Various materials are available to help your club prepare for the sale. This includes:

2019 PKF Annual Rose Sale – Information Guide
Download the guide that summarizes everything you need to know about this year’s Rose Sale.
2019 PKF Annual Rose Sale – Final Club Order Form
Download the final order form used to order your roses due September 30, 2019 by 5 PM. Note: Club orders must be in multiples of 10. No exceptions!
2019 PKF Annual Rose Sale – Individual Rose Sale Order Form
Download a customizable Microsoft Word file to use for your customer’s orders.
2019 PKF Annual Rose Sale – Rose Sale Advertising Poster
Download a customizable Microsoft Word file that can be changed to include your club’s information on the poster.

Rose Sale Tips

Below are tips for a successful rose sale:

  • Establish a club and/or individual rose sale goal.
  • For clubs that participated in a past sale, establish a goal to increase club and/or individual sales by 10%.
  • Consider buying additional orders of roses to allow for extra sales past the end date. Some clubs have even purchased additional dozes and sold the roses individually at club events or activities close to the delivery date.
  • Encourage family and friends to help sell roses at their business or organization.

Kiwanis Rose Sale Division Coordinators Needed

Kiwanis Rose Sale Division Coordinators are needed in each Kiwanis Division across the state to help with the coordination of the rose sale. Kiwanis Rose Sale Division Coordinators help ensure that the plan of activities and tasks is coordinated and executed seamlessly with Club Coordinators. If you are interested, please contact the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation Rose Sale Chair.

Need More Information?

For more information, please reach out to the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation Rose Sale Chair:

Emily Reed