The Board of Directors includes up to 15 elected directors and the Immediate Past Governor of the Pennsylvania District of Kiwanis International. Directors are elected in accordance with the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation’s Bylaws at the Annual Meeting of the Membership at the District Convention. Directors serve 3-year terms beginning on 1 October.
All Pennsylvania District Kiwanians who are qualified in accordance with the Bylaws are eligible to serve as Directors. Interested prospective candidates should refer to the Foundation’s Bylaws and contact the President or the Chairperson of the Nominating and Governance Committee.

Board of Directors

The following listed persons currently serve as Directors of the Foundation. The codes listed after each Director’s term-end information are interpreted as 0=currently serving an appointed term to fill an otherwise vacant seat, 1=serving first elected term, 2=serving a consecutive second elected term. Directors are term limited to two consecutive elected terms in accordance with the Bylaws

Jill Martin Rend, President

Kiwanis Club of Punxsutawney
Region 3, Division 10
Term Ends: 2023, 1

Jason McConney, Vice President

Kiwanis Club of Southampton
Region 7, Division 21
Term Ends: 2023, 1


Brian Root, Secretary

Kiwanis Club of Greensburg
Region 2, Division 8
Term Ends: 2025, 2


Dale Brackin, Interim Treasurer


Jacqueline Flynn

Kiwanis Club of Poconos-Daybreak
Region 6, Division 17-18
Term Ends: 2023, 2


Jennifer Grab

Kiwanis Club of Sheraden
Kiwanis Club of Hershey Hummelstown
Region 2, Division 5
Term Ends: 2025, 2


Sonia Gross

Kiwanis Club of Lebanon
Region 5, Division 16
Term Ends: 2024, 1


Emily Reed

Kiwanis Club of Dillsburg
Kiwanis Club of Greater York
Region 5, Division 13 N
Term Ends: 2025, 1


Donald “Don” Sanker

Kiwanis Club of Verona Rosedale
Region 2, Division 6
Term Ends: 2025, 2


Jeff W. Rose

Kiwanis Club of Allentown Northeast
Region 6, Division 17-18
Term Ends: 2023, 2

John Grab

Kiwanis Club of Hummelstown
Region 5, Division 16
Term ending: 2025, 1

Sarah Zuletta

Ex Officio

IT Services:
Dale Brackin


The number following the term ending year is the number of 3-year terms served as a Director.