People who give to the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation are understandably proud of their support for the mission of Kiwanis. We have numerous ways to show our gratitude that allow you to display your pride in a way that also honors your generosity.

The following awards are given to individuals, families, clubs, or organizations who contribute a monetary donation to the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation. In almost all cases, the donor may choose to recognize a group or individual other than themself. The awards below are typically presented at District Convention or other district events and meetings.

While each award comes with a certificate, a plaque, or a lapel pin, we also include these donors in our annual report, which is available on our website.

KEYSTONE AWARD ($5,000) – The Foundation’s highest form of annual donor recognition is given to those who make a financial contribution of $5,000 or more. The award is complete with a commemorative plaque.

TABLET OF HONOR ($2,000) – Established by the Kiwanis International Foundation in 1965, the Tablet of Honor is a means to honor or recognize deserving individuals, groups, clubs, or others that have exemplified dedicated service to Kiwanis, their club, or community. Individuals cannot honor themselves with a Tablet of Honor. The award comes with a commemorative plaque.

PLINY J. WILSON FELLOWSHIP ($1,000) – Named for the first Pennsylvania Kiwanis district governor, Wilson Fellowships are awarded to donors who give $1,000 or more. It is also a way for clubs and Kiwanians to honor another person or organization to recognize them for their commitment to Kiwanis ideals. This recognition includes a commemorative medallion, lapel pin, and certificate.

PATRON AWARD ($500) – A commemorative certificate is awarded to patrons who make a gift of $500 or more.

CENTURY AWARD ($100) – The Century Award is reserved for those donors who contribute $100 or more. These donors are also awarded a commemorative certificate.