The Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation encourages Kiwanis-family service leadership programs and other projects involving young children to apply for grant funding. Requests for funding will only be considered for Kiwanis-family clubs or programs.

Kiwanis-family sponsored programs will be given top priority. All grant proposals must further the goals and ideals of Kiwanis as well as promote the growth of Kiwanis.

Grant decisions are made at regularly scheduled Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation Board Meetings. Decisions will be made within 30 days after the meeting where the proposal is considered. All decisions are final.


Grant Instructions

  • The Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation’s grant application review process is extensive. The information below will help you submit a complete grant application. Please review these instructions and the grant application carefully as only grant applications which meet the following requirements will be reviewed by the Foundation.
  • The Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation provides grants to Pennsylvania Kiwanis Clubs, Divisions, Regions, and Service Leadership Programs. Grant requests made by an organization on behalf of a Kiwanis entity will not be considered; requests must come directly from the club or program.
  • Grants are a partnership between your Kiwanis Club and the Foundation so all inquiries regarding the grant application process must be made to our Foundation directly from the club requesting the funding, not a third party organization which may benefit from the grant. Any non-profit organization working with a Kiwanis related entity on a project presented for consideration by the Foundation must be a registered 501(c)3 and must provide insurance indemnifying the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation.
  • You must apply using the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation’s grant application for Kiwanis entities. All answers must be typed in the space provided in the document using your computer. Handwritten grant applications or modified versions of the application will not be accepted.
  • Priority will be given to grants involving Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs and projects involving young children. Requests for funding capital expenses, construction of buildings, capital improvements, and land purchase will not be considered. All proposals must further the goals and ideals of Kiwanis and promote the growth of Kiwanis.
  • The Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation makes grant decisions at regularly scheduled board meetings. Decisions will be made within 30 days after the meeting where the grant request is considered. All decisions are final.
  • Entities may apply for funding up to $25,000. Please note the Foundation may award less than the amount requested.
  • Grants may be awarded to the same Kiwanis entity for the same project for a maximum of three consecutive years. A previous funded Kiwanis entity must apply each year to be considered for additional funding.
  • Applications with missing information or which included flawed budgetary information will not be reviewed.
  • Upon receiving the grant, the Kiwanis entity agrees to name the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation as a donor to the project and submit a press release for distribution with pictures.
  • Mail, e-mail, or fax this application to:

Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation
Grant Administration
2793 Old Post Road, Suite 12
Harrisburg, PA 17110-3685
Fax: 717-540-1018


Grant Application Form

Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation Grant Application